About Us

Our Story: 

Seven Figure Trends is a black-owned athletic wear & streetwear apparel brand created in 2022 by Jonathon Murray, a former athlete and current entrepreneur.

Our goal is to create a culture focused on apparel designed to motivate & inspire others to accomplish your goals by any means necessary! Whether that be physically, spiritually, or financially.

Our Vision:

Our goal as a brand is to create a culture around apparel that is designed to motivate and inspire its community to accomplish and achieve its goals by any means necessary! Whether that is physically, spiritually, or financially. 

We’ve designed our apparel to have a minimalist aesthetic look that not only is attractive to the eye, but also provides comfort and utility to our customers.

Every product is handmade with hard work, cut, and sewn with passion to give everyone the unique Seven Figure touch that stands out from the rest.